How it Works

Fresh Meals

We offer fresh, never frozen delicious home-style meals in two different sizes.Pan Seard Cod w Cucumber Dill Sauce Steamed Potato Mixed Vegetables All of our meals are specially packaged to stay fresh for at least 5 days. All meals can be ordered individually and there are no contracts. You can order as many meals as you like or as few as 3 per delivery.

Choose your menu

You can either log in to your account or phone us and order directly. We offer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options although you can order whatever meals you like from the menu . Each week we offer a different menu so you never get bored!

Each week we offer - 2 Breakfast choices, 4 Lunch choices and 9 Dinner choices as well as snacks.


Asian Steak & Noodle Salad

Our specially packaged fresh meals are delivered on Monday of each week. We offer two delivery "windows" for your convenience. All of our meals are packed in a Styrofoam container with ice and delivered to your door. We're happy to knock but normally, we expect you to be busy or asleep so we leave everything at an agreed upon location at your address.

Delivery Option #1 - 8pm - 6am

(This is the most economical approach as your meals are delivered during the night and left at your front door. Your meals are packaged in a Styrofoam container with ice so that you don't have to worry about retrieving them until the morning)

Delivery Option #2 - 4pm - 11pm

(Your meals are delivered in the evening before you go to bed! The driver will contact you when he arrives.)

Ordering Deadline:

Orders must be made by 11pm Saturday night for Monday delivery.


Meals are ordered "A la carte" and your only commitment is for the meals which you've ordered.

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